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Criminal Defense

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When you are charged with a crime in Chattanooga or surrounding areas, securing the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial.

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DUI Defense

protecting rights

Going through the process of a DUI charge and having a conviction on your record can change your life forever.

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Federal Defense

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If you are facing federal charges, contact our experienced federal drug defense lawyers to discuss the details of your case today.

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Garth Best

Andrea Hayduk

Matt Brock


Tough Criminal Defense Lawyers Serving The Tennessee Area

We are proud of the positive feedback that we have received from our clients over the years. If you’re searching for a lawyer, listen to the reviews below!


Experienced & Effective Representation In Criminal Defense Matters Matters

If you are arrested or under investigation, we want to help you.

Criminal Defense Lawyers

Let's Change The Outcome

Case was handled quickly with an even better outcome than I wanted.

Ellen G. White

He was fast, efficient, and professional. I would recommend him highly for all your legal needs.

Thomas Paine

I was able to put this behind me and move forward with repairing my life thanks to Mr. Brock. He saved my life.


If you want someone who will go the extra mile for you and literally do EVERYTHING he can....this is your attorney.

Samuel Morris

He is very knowledgeable and will definitely recommend his services to anyone requiring his expertise.

Gloria Macapagal

I highly recommend him as an attorney!! If need be, I would hire him again just like that.

Lance Anderson

I appreciate his hard work and dedication in getting me case resolved with the best possible outcome. My family and I, owe him a debt of gratitude and are very thankful for his services.


Excellent Lawyer and very professional. Fights for you in court to get the best result and out come.

Ethan Turner

Mr Best and his staff helped us with two cases and we had fantastic results.

Rob Marrow

I highly recommend him whether it's a small case or a big case because he always looks out for your best interest.

Jessica Honda

He's a terrific lawyer he will do exactly whatever he tells you he's going to do!

Ravon Drake

I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking legal council !!


They are truely a beacon for those in need of legal assistance. I'm glad I chose him to help my brother in need.


I appreciated Matt's straightforward and efficient demeanor, while always timely and well prepared, which put me at ease.


I am forever grateful to him and absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you Matt Brock and your staff.

Kari Sively

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