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Plea Bargains May Help Many Achieve Best Possible Outcome

Chattanooga Tennessee Lawyer for Criminal Defense

Within the past twenty years, there have been more than 250 million arrests in the US. Of these individuals, the FBI has a criminal database of over 75 million people, which accounts for one in three people in the US population of adults. Of course, this number may be old by the time you read about it, since up to 12 thousand names are added to that list each day, without even accounting for repeat offender arrests. What all of these people have in common is that they are not likely to return to their former lives or create new...

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What to Do and What Not to Do When Arrested for a DUI in Chattanooga

Chattanooga TN DUI accident defense attorney

If you are arrested for a DUI in Tennessee, the consequences can be life altering. You could lose your license, face significant fines, and even spend time in jail. It is essential to do things right, avoid making mistakes, and be prepared for what's going to come next. Today, we'll discuss what you should do and what you should not do after a DUI arrest to ensure that you end up with the best possible outcome, which could even include getting the charges dropped. Do Write Down What Happened When You Were Arrested The details of your arrest are going to...

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What is Considered A DUI Offense in the Chattanooga, Tennessee Area?

DUI defense lawyer in Chattanooga TN

The definition for DUI in Tennessee is in section 55-10-401 of the Tennessee Code. This code makes it illegal to drive under the influence of any intoxicant that impairs a driver’s ability to operate the vehicle safely. While this code does not articulate an objective means of deciding whether or not a driver is legally impaired due consumption of marijuana or other controlled substances, the law does define how to test for legal impairment due to alcohol objectively. Regarding the threshold for legal impairment due to alcohol, the law of the land in Tennessee is that you are considered to be...

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TN DUI’s for end of summer

One of the most dangerous times of the year on our nation's roadways is the last hurrah of summer.  As people try to get their last bit of fun in the sun in, police departments across the nation are ramping up their DUI detection units. The Sevierville Police Department (SPD) is partnering with the Tennessee Governor's Highway Safety Office to step up DUI enforcement from August 19 to September 7, surrounding the Labor Day holiday.  Be sure to check back for further updates on DUI checkpoints and task force initiatives in Tennessee.  I will be keeping my ears open for any...

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Tennessee is the 12th toughest state on DUI

Wallet Hub recently released their list of the strictest and most lenient states with regard to driving under the influence penalties.   Tennessee came in at an alarming 12th, although I would have actually expected us to be a little bit higher on that list.  Some of the metrics used to evaluate the individual states were: Minimum Jail Time for 1st & 2nd offenses (2 days & 45 days) When is DUI considered a felony (4th) How long does a previous DUI factor into penalties for a new DUI (10 years) Are there additional penalties for high BAC? (Yes, 2.0) Minimum fines for 1st and 2nd...

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Xanax passes marijuana as 2nd leading cause of DUI in AL

Alprazolam, the generic name for the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, surpassed marijuana in 2011 as the second-leading cause of impaired driving in Alabama after alcohol, according to data from traffic stops compiled by the Department of Forensic Science. Continue reading more about this here. While I don't have the figures for TN, I would assume we are pressing toward a similar situation given my recent "drugged driving" caseload.  As the article above mentions, detecting drugged driving requires that an additional blood screen be sent back to the TBA unless the officer requests it along with the BAC.  This typically only occurs when a...

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DUI Attorney Walking the Straight Line to Success

Mr. Brock was featured by the Hamilton County Herald as part of a series profiling local Chattanooga, TN attorneys. Below is the article in full. The solo practitioner is a unique breed in the practice of law. Rather than becoming a smaller member of a larger body, he’s on his own in a way no other attorney is. He’s a firm of one, the only named partner, and his success or failure rides solely on his efforts. It’s a brave endeavor. Some lawyers strike out on their own after years of employment with a firm or corporation. While risky, their experience and clientele provide a...

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Mr. Brock Receives 2015 Client’s Choice for DUI representation by Avvo

matt brock portrait

Matt Brock Law is pleased to announce that Mr. Brock has earned a 2015 Clients' Choice Award on Avvo, Inc. Recipients of this recognition must accumulate frequent and outstanding client reviews submitted to their Avvo profile. Avvo, Inc. is one of the most prominent and trusted legal directories in the county and is committed to making the selection of legal representation easier for the public. The company estimates that they list roughly 97% of all attorneys in America and even provides several avenues for prospective clients to get free, preliminary advice to further inform their legal decisions. The Clients' Choice Award is one of...

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DUI Tennessee 2014 stats

DUI Arrests rise in Tennessee for 2014 A recent article in the Times Free Press noted that Tennessee DUI arrests spiked in 2014, specifically in Chattanooga.  The conviction rate on the cases that have reached disposition was an alarming 88%.  Driving Under the Influence convictions have serious minimum penalties for first time offenders; 48 hours in jail, loss of license for 1 year, 3 public work days, $465 fine, and 11 months and 29 days probation.  Contact Matt Brock, Chattanooga's DUI Attorney, if you have been charged with an impaired driving crime in Tennessee for a free consultation.  423-939-9384 ...

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