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Press Release

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Best​ ​Hayduk​ ​Brock​ ​PLLC​ ​Launch​ ​New Law Firm

Criminal Defense DUI Defense Law Firm Tennessee

The​ ​criminal​ ​and​ ​federal​ ​defense law firm ​is​ ​comprised​ ​of​ ​Garth​ ​Best, Andrea​ ​Hayduk,​ ​and​ ​Matt​ ​Brock. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Chattanooga, TN) In an era where online branding and marketing can be more influential than word of mouth referrals, excellent legal service can be more difficult to come by. In an effort to help provide the people of Chattanooga, and surrounding areas, with the highest quality criminal defense service possible, these three attorneys joined forces to ensure that their clients receive top notch representation. When asked how the law firm came about, Mr. Brock replied “After several years of practicing solo, I came to...

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Matt Brock Law Firm Reports Client’s Murder Charge Was Reduced to Manslaughter

Matt Brock Chattanooga DUI Lawyer

Attorneys Matt Brock and Garth Best joined forces to get Chattanooga man's 2nd-degree murder charge reduced to voluntary manslaughter and his assault charged dismissed, MattBrockLaw.com announces (Chattanooga, TN) Criminal Defense Attorney Matt Brock announces he, in conjunction with attorney Garth Best, has successfully defended a client in court getting his second-degree murder charges dropped to voluntary manslaughter and his aggravated assault charges dismissed. The defendant, 47-year-old Eric McCullough, fatally stabbed his niece and this led to the charges. The jury deliberated for seven hours before returning the verdict in Hamilton County Criminal Court. "Although we feel for the victim's family, we believe...

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