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Criminal Defense

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Phones, GPS Trackers and Stingrays: Unlawful Searches for Criminal Defense Cases in Tennessee

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Everyone is aware that cell phones contain a vast amount of data about the owner. Most are aware that cell phones are also able to be used to track the geo-spatial location of the user. We see this on television all the time. It is probably less known that law enforcement has devices colloquially known as "Stingrays" which can intercept the constant flow of data coming from your cell phone. Stingrays -- also known as "IMSI-catchers" -- can be used to pinpoint your location. However, cell phone data, GPS trackers and devices like IMSI-catchers raise serious concerns about Fourth Amendment privacy...

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How a Criminal Charge will Impact Your Driving Rights in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

Chattanooga TN DUI defense lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a criminal offense, and it’s the one that can most often affect driving privileges in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Very often, people fail to realize that they may eventually lose their driving privileges altogether as a result of getting a criminal charge. Here are a few of the relevant legal provisions, as well as the potential consequences that DUIs and other criminal charges can have.   Tennessee DUI Legal Provisions The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security has a strict provision as far as DUIs are concerned. A person who refuses to submit a blood-alcohol sample may face a...

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Theft Charges in Chattanooga, Tennessee

criminal defense claim law attorney in Chattanooga Tennessee

Many people don't realize the seriousness of theft charges in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This is probably why so many people get caught stealing from others. Being arrested for shoplifting or other theft crimes can be embarrassing and costly. It can affect your immediate future and your long-term future, depending on the severity of the crime. Whether you were genuinely guilty or whether it is a misunderstanding, you are in a difficult position when you are arrested and charged with a theft crime. Even if you are truly innocent, you could still face serious consequences. It is important to work with a...

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What to Know When Facing Criminal Charges for Aggravated Assault in Chattanooga, Tennessee

criminal defense law attorney in Chattanooga TN

When facing criminal charges for aggravated assault in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the most important thing to understand is that this is a very serious felony charge. You do not want to end up with this kind of charge on your record if it is at all avoidable. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that you are innocent until proven guilty. Avoid discussing the charges without an attorney present. Which Crimes Constitute Aggravated Assault Charges in Chattanooga, TN? If you are charged with aggravated assault in Chattanooga, Tennessee, then you are likely being accused of one of the following crimes: ...

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Plea Bargains May Help Many Achieve Best Possible Outcome

Chattanooga Tennessee Lawyer for Criminal Defense

Within the past twenty years, there have been more than 250 million arrests in the US. Of these individuals, the FBI has a criminal database of over 75 million people, which accounts for one in three people in the US population of adults. Of course, this number may be old by the time you read about it, since up to 12 thousand names are added to that list each day, without even accounting for repeat offender arrests. What all of these people have in common is that they are not likely to return to their former lives or create new...

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Are You Facing Criminal Charges for Fraud Crimes in Chattanooga, Tennessee?

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Chattanooga, Tennessee

If you are being accused of committing a crime that involves fraud in Chattanooga, Tennessee, you are likely facing some serious and life altering penalties. If you are truly innocent of the crime, then you may not fully understand what you're being accused of. If you have committed a crime, then it is still likely that you don't fully understand the consequences of your actions. To begin with, you need to know that fraud refers to any theft that is accomplished by deceiving others or misrepresenting a situation in such a way that another suffers a loss to your benefit....

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